News Flash

Coaches, please inform your members of all the changes at this year’s event and try to adhere to the policies set forth by the city and the Catalina committee.
At the Dunes on Saturday, please try to load your escort boat before getting on the water. This allows for others who are ready to leave to do so without having to wait for your crew to get their gear loaded.
Upon finishing the race in Avalon, go see Buff. If a spot is available, unload your escort boat at the sites available. Have your crew gather up the belongings and be ready for unloading before going to the docks or pier. We have to limit the time for unloading because of the amount of people we have and the public use of the facilities. Failure to do so will eliminate your club’s entry next year and a fine.
In Avalon, do not go to the south side of the Pleasure Pier unless you know there is dock space or you are going to Joe’s boats mooring area for a mooring. This will be a congested area with the canoes going in for their storage space on land or mooring site. This will create confusion and disorganization which will be viewed by the Harbor Master whose office is located at the prime spot on the pier and it’s his call whether or not we have an event in the future. Please abide by dock handlers and mooring assistant’s calls and suggestions.
First, make sure all of your paddlers are aware of the impact this year’s event has on our future of coming to Avalon for our season finale. The enforcement division of Avalon has been told to address any incident with vigor.  Public drinking, nuisance, loitering and vulgarity will not be conducive to coming back.
The shuttle leaving at 8:30 pm sharp from the Mole is on again for more party fun or a relaxing 1 hour ride back from the island to Newport. Please see the TRAVEL page for information.
We’ve secured several sponsors for this event and we would be grateful for adhering to the policy of not bringing your beer or drinks to this event. If you have to have your own special drink put it in a cup and definitely NO GLASS at the Dunes. The Dunes alcohol license doesn’t allow outside alcohol so don’t be the one to screw it up. Your ice chest will be checked.